Going the self-publishing route is painful: no one to help you along, no personalized help, and after all that work, a product that doesn’t come close to meeting your expectations. Maybe you have a great profit margin, but didn’t sell many books. Full-service publishing houses, on the other hand, produce high-quality products but you resign much of the creative process leaving you with very little control – not to mention profit!

We provide a personalized, full-service publishing experience that is SIGNIFICANTLY different than the typical publishing house. Our team is dedicated to helping your book hit the ground running. This is how we can guarantee you are among the top 5% of books in your category on

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How we do this is by investing, early on, in research about the category your book will be published in – what sells and for how much? – and helping you make the best decision about pricing for your finished book. We can advise what selling strategies are currently working for other books in your category. We also provide ongoing metrics after publishing and the flexibility for you to adjust your book’s price to meet the market’s demands. In the end, you will have a high-quality product, reach the broadest audience, and retain the maximum profits: the best of both worlds.