Ready to get started publishing your work but not quite finished yet?

Don’t let your work languish until you can get to those final chapters, let introduce you to our sequential publishing solution. People waited for hours in line for the next Harry Potter or Twilight novel. Your work can be published in the same way. Let us help you get your unfinished work out there and create a base readership that is eager for you to finish the story. This allows your work to be published in a series format, so you can get your material out there and start building an audience prior to finishing your work. Just in case you were looking for that extra motivating factor, trust us, nothing will motivate you better than a hungry audience demanding you finish your story.


Add Print On Demand and FREE eBooks to your order.


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting started now. Sequential Publishing means your work reaches its audience faster, your work has time to build a fan base and spread by word of mouth and, most importantly, you have both time to do your best work and motivation to get it done